How to install


In order to use a MyCashflow theme purchased from, you’ll obviously need your own MyCashflow webshop. If you haven’t opened yours yet, sign in and open MyCashflow now!

Installing a theme to your MyCashflow webshop

1. Purchase a theme from

Browse through our selection of themes and pick a theme best suited for your webshop. To purchase a selected theme, add it to cart and proceed to checkout. Accepted payment options include online banking payment and credit card payment.

2. Download your theme

You can download the ZIP file containing your theme immediately after you’ve finished your payment. The download link is also included in your order confirmation delivered to given email address.

3. Upload the downloaded file to MyCashflow’s filebrowser

Log in to your MyCashflow webshop and navigate to User Interface -> Filebrowser. Click on Upload files button and select the ZIP file you downloaded from

After the file is uploaded, click on the file name to unpack the ZIP archive. You’ll first see a preview of the archive’s content. By clicking on Unzip! the archive is unpacked and you’ll notice a new folder has appeared. That’s the one containing your brand new theme.

4. Enable your new theme for selected versions

Your theme is now ready-to-use. To display your new theme on your store’s interface, navigate to User Interace -> Versions and select the version you want your new theme to be used with. Click on edit and select your new theme from the drop down menu labeled Theme. Click on Save and you’re done – your new theme is now in use for the selected version of your MyCashflow webshop!

5. Modifying your theme

You do have a right to modify your newly purchased theme so that it better suits your needs. You can make changes to every page template directly in MyCashflow’s filebrowser. For more information about MyCashflow themes and Interface tags included in the code, please refer to our Guidebook for MyCashflow Themes.

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