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A minimalist and stylish theme with large, visually appealing banners and clean, professional fonts.

In addition to being visually appealing, Pure enables a fluid shopping experience. Finding, viewing and searching for products feels comfortable on any device.

The theme suits best for medium-sized stores, for example for selling high-quality designer clothing, accessories and elegant jewelry.

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Theme features

Clean and clear checkout

The theme comes with a clear, user-friendly and distraction-free one-page checkout, which improves your store's conversion and decreases the amount of abandoned carts.

Fast view mode

The theme's product lists enable the visitor to view products in a separate fast view mode without leaving the product list. The fast view mode opens up as a modal window on top of the product list by clicking a link on top of the product image. The fast view mode contains the product description plus any product options and variation menus, and it enables a quick way of adding products to the cart.

Clear and fast live search

The search field is placed clearly on the top part of all pages in the store. The search results are automatically narrowed down, while the visitor is typing in a search term. The search function also displays the store's most often used search terms.

Stunning banners

The theme has large and appealing banner areas, where you can easily advertise your store's campaigns and discounts. By using impressive banners you can also add your own brand's color to the store.

Stylish news pages

The theme's news page contains a full-width, eye-catching news image and a narrow text column optimized for reading even longer articles comfortably. This makes the news feature of Pure a fitting platform for a blog-type section in the store.

Handy mini cart

Each page displays a miniature version of the user's shopping cart, which shows the selected products, their amounts and the overall price. Once the customer adds a product to the cart, the cart is immediately updated with no unnecessary page loads.

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Terms and conditions

Effective as of 17 November 2017

1. General information and terms and conditions

The products in this webshop are sold by Pulse247 Oy (FI21315706). We sell products to businesses in Finland and throughout the EU. VAT 24 % is added to prices. All prices are stated in euro (€). We reserve the right to amend prices.

When you buy a theme from the MyCashflow Theme store

  • you may use the theme in one online store using the MyCashflow platform. Using a theme in more than one online stores is forbidden.
  • after downloading the theme you may use it in one online store, where it may be in use in several versions (for example, in versions for different locales or separate consumer and reseller or wholesale versions).
  • you may modify and customize the theme freely according to your needs, but keep in mind that the designer of the theme owns the rights for the theme even after you have downloaded it. You may not sell copies of the theme yourself, for example.
  • you may sell the theme you purchased, and may have modified for your own use, as a part of a broader sale of your business, or when you are using a readymade theme as a base for a customized theme.

2. Payment options

Our webshop accepts the following methods of payment:

Payment by bank e-payment

The Checkout™ payment transmission service conveys your payment to the merchant. E-payment buttons for all the Finnish banks are at your disposal. Checkout™ is a safe and secure method of payment. Under the transitional provision of the Payment Institutions Act, the service is listed in the register of payment institutions maintained by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Checkout™ is a service maintained by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6).

After selecting the method of payment from the options provided by the merchant, the payment transaction is transferred to the selected payment method system. After you have authorised the payment and returned to the web store, the payment is immediately registered as confirmed for the merchant. Payment is made to an account managed by Checkout Finland Oy and conveyed from there to the merchant. Safe, easy and quick!

Payment by credit card

Payment can be made with all credit cards issued by Luottokunta. The webshop acts as the marketer of products and services, and supplies the items to the buyer. It also handles all the legal requirements concerning the shop as well as any other obligations it has undertaken. For payments made with Luottokunta credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard), the transaction takes place between the customer and Suomen Ostolaskut Oy (2284303-3), which is the recipient of the payment and an official partner of the Checkout™ service, and which will subsequently reimburse the merchant. The contracting party with Luottokunta in this matter is Suomen Ostolaskut Oy.

3. Ordering

Products are ordered mainly via the Internet from the following address: www.mycashflowthemes.com. All orders are confirmed in an e-mail, which lists the total price of the order and the products ordered. The customer agrees to the terms of delivery in force at the time of placing each order.

4. Returns and complaints

The themes and additional services sold in the MyCashflow Theme Store are digital content and services that do not have right of cancellation. Contact our store's customer service at info@mycashflow.fi, if you have any complaints.

5. Technical support and liability

If any errors are found in a theme after it has been offered for sale, the designer of the theme is responsible for correcting the errors. These errors may include broken links, broken layout, script errors, etc. The buyer of a theme is responsible for any errors their own actions have caused in the theme.

6. Conclusion of contract

The contract is formed between the Customer and Pulse247 Oy when a theme is purchased from the webshop. At the same time, both parties agree to comply with all the stipulations of this contract.

7. Installation of a theme

A theme is downloaded from www.mycashflowthemes.com and installed in a web store on a self-service basis. Installation can be purchased as an additional service from the designer responsible for the theme, or from the company maintaining the theme shop: info@mycashflow.fi

8. Intellectual property rights

The designer of a theme owns the copyright to the theme. Any themes purchased from the webshop only give right of use for the theme in question. It is therefore forbidden to distribute a purchased theme or a theme downloaded free of charge. Any breach of these rights entitles the copyright holder to compensation. Liability does not require premeditation or negligence, and anyone breaching these rights due to ignorance can also be deemed liable for compensation.

9. Theme alterations

Any further alterations to a purchased theme should be agreed with the designer of the theme in question.

10. Supported browsers

The themes offered for sale in the webshop are compatible with the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and later versions. Modern browsers may use CSS3 technology in transitions and visual effects. Themes will work with Internet Explorer 7, but their outer appearance may be more simplified.

11. Contact

All matters concerning the content of the theme shop should be directed at our customer service at info@mycashflow.fi

12. Other terms

Should any part of this contract be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remainder of the contract shall remain in force, legal and enforceable. Pulse247 Oy will endeavour to amend any such clause with a clause that has a similar purpose.

The customer has the right to raise any disputes arising from the interpretation of this contract in a district court. The primary forum for any disputes is Kainuu District Court in Kajaani, Finland.

13. Limitations of liability

Pulse247 Oy is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the installation of a theme, such as destroyed material or changed data, nor for any costs arising from their replacement.