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A transparent, elegant theme that provides space for large, beautiful images. Frame puts a spotlight on product images giving them every possibility to shine in your online store.

The theme suits best slightly smaller stores with up to 100 products that sell for instance decorative and other design products.

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Theme features

Space for ambience

This minimalist theme gives plenty of space for the store's individual ambience. This theme bases on the power of images, and its potential is unlocked best with eye-catching product images and promotional pictures.

Large, full-screen pictures

The theme’s front-page and categories display the main picture as a beautiful, full-screen image over which the introductory text will appear. This spot provides room for an emotive image that brings out the feel of the product category.

Fully responsive

The theme is fully responsive, which means that it works just as well on desktop computers and mobile devices. Product lists and other components adapt to the screen size of the user's device, and maintain their style and clarity even on small screens – in line with the theme’s style.

Hidden cart drawer

The cart is updated automatically with no unnecessary page loads, and it does not take unnecessary space in the main content area. The cart appears at the click of the cart button from a “drawer” in the right-hand side of the screen, and closes automatically when the visitor clicks outside of the cart. This makes it easy to continue shopping after viewing the cart content.

Clear and fast live search

The search field opens from the top menu button over the rest of the content, which enables the visitor to use the search without any distractions. The search results are updated automatically whenever the user types in a search term.

Customization and development options

The theme is based on Barebones, the default theme of MyCashflow, which enables a range of possibilities for customizations and further development.

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